Automotive Technical Writer: Job Description

What Is Automotive Technical Writing

Automotive technical writing means writing on topics concerning innovative technologies in the automotive industry. This implies writing reviews for new products for:

  • cars,
  • trucks,
  • recreational vehicles or RVs,
  • motorcycles,
  • scooters,
  • complex specialized vehicles (like diggers, bulldozers, and other construction vehicles),
  • etc.
  • spare parts,
  • tools,
  • voice-enabled tech,
  • navigation devices,
  • augmented reality (AR) dashboards,
  • advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS),
  • etc.

Who Is an Automotive Technical Writer?

The profile of an automotive technical writer includes two major elements. He/she has to be a ‘car geek’ or, putting it differently, have a technical background so as to be able to cover automotive gear and products. Employers must admit that this ‘superpower’ is quite a rare thing among writing people because you are either a writer or an expert in ‘nuts & bolts.’ Finding these two things (writing skills combined with technical knowledge) in one person might turn out to be a challenging task for a head hunter.

Skills of Automotive Technical Writer

A typical day of an automotive technical writer is a combination of creativity and routine. While each day brings new issues to be investigated and new discoveries to be made, there is a certain scope of ‘routine’ work to be done. There is a minimum of feature articles per month, each with a certain word count and a set of requirements from SEO and marketing specialists that must be met; otherwise the story will be ‘invisible’ to the search engines and, consequently, for the readers.


An automotive technical writer sounds like a new profession; however, it has been in demand in the industry for quite a long time. Since the automotive industry is a constantly expanding dynamic field, it is becoming more and more associated with electronics and IT. As a result, it is becoming more complex and requires more documentation to be issued while vehicles are getting ‘packed’ with more software. This has to be explained to the target audience using clear and customer-friendly language, and the job of the automotive technical writer is to speak and write this language, making people’s lives easier.



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