ClickHelp Documentation Platform: 160+ enhancements in February 2017 Update

  • 30+ features added per user requests.
  • Improved branding settings.
  • Import and Export enhancements.
  • Extended API for better integrations.
  • And a lot more!

MS Word Templates for Printed Output

ClickHelp is a documentation tool that can generate a number of outputs. The PDF and DOCX formats are two most popular ones among the ClickHelp user base.

Paste Images from Screen Capture Tools

Earlier, we wrote about the techniques for taking good screenshots because screen images are very important for software documentation. The majority of those screenshots come from screen capture tools. You capture something, add some callouts, arrows, text and then you want to insert this image to your documentation.

Full Control Over Robots and Crawlers

Hosting your documentation online will mean that web crawlers will index your content, and your clients will be able to find your docs in Google, Bing, and other search engines! This is a very nice and easy way to get additional exposure on the web, deflect more support cases, and help your clients find answers.

Improved Table of Contents UI

For some time, the Table of Contents panel looked different for Authors and for Readers. The reader version was more modern, and used word wrapping so the readers can see a complete topic title without scrolling, even for long titles.

Details View in File Manager

Based on user requests, we have added the Details view for the File Manager dialog. In this mode, it is now easier to see long file names, sort files by name, size and modification date.

New Setting for Global Topic Footer

When creating online documentation, you have a great opportunity to use existing JavaScript components and libraries in your own content. In ClickHelp you can easily do this and we have some examples in the product documentation:

There’s more to come!

This latest platform update has a lot more changes, and you can find a complete list in What’s New in ClickHelp February 2017.



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