ClickHelp March Release Sneak Peek: Enhanced Review Process

ToDo Lists

When you see a green square with a number next to a topic title in the TOC, this means that some ToDo items exist for this topic. There is also an email notification, but, we believe that adding such an indication directly to the TOC makes it so much easier to track the progress.

Review Comments

One of the most demanded features gets an update in the new ClickHelp release — we have drastically improved in-text review comments.

Workflow Improvements

We have implemented a couple of new features enhancing the review workflow. One of the most prominent improvements here is the ability to change the topic owner/assignee without unlocking the topic. Plus, since the March ClickHelp release, you will be able to do that for several topics at the same time.


We have been listening carefully to our clients, taking notes all the way to deliver these functionality updates. The review process has become much more visual and easier to use. With the new updated process we have rolled out, you can start creating better user manuals right now! .



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